Storm Damaged Churches

Churches have withstood the test of time, and that includes weather disturbances like storms. Repairs though are usually imminent and would need to be addressed soonest to prevent escalating damages and expenses.

The website, A Journey Through NYC Religions shared the experiences of some churches in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Harvey hit Texas in 2017 causing damage of about USD 125B.

Storm Damaged Churches
When storm damages churches. (Photo Credits)

“Although there was indeed a flood along the river that cut off knowledge about the fate of some of these communities, the river rose only 31-34 feet. This still posed a threat to some of the churches and many of the people. However, we discovered that most of the damage was due to wind. Some poor churches were severely damaged, but mostly they still stood repairable. However, those congregations with smaller finances will have a more difficult recovery hard, though still doable in most cases.”

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Storm Damage

Storm damage apparently does not end in destroyed church structures. The website Christianity Today published a report on the repercussions of Hurricane Maria to the churches in Puerto Rico. There they explained the impact of the storm to the church activities following the aftermath of its onslaught.

Hurricane Maria is a Category 5 Hurricane that hit Puerto Rico in 2017 and claimed the lives of at least 112 individuals.

“The evangelical church in Puerto Rico won’t be the same after Hurricane Maria. Even congregations that have resumed their regular gatherings after repairing buildings and regaining power are still missing a major part of church life: some of their members. An estimated 400,000 of the island’s more than 3 million residents have left the US territory for the mainland since the record-setting September storm. Like every other aspect of Puerto Rican life, church attendance has taken a hit.”

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Seeking for Restoration Assistance

Some Texas Churches meanwhile asked the government to aid in their restoration work. In a news report filed by media agency Reuters, they shared that these churches in fact filed a case to ask the US Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide relief and assistance in restoring their storm-damaged churches.

“The federal disaster relief agency was sued in September by three Texas churches severely damaged in Hurricane Harvey, over what they called its policy of refusing to provide disaster relief to houses of worship because of their religious status. Trump had said in a tweet that Texas churches should be able to receive money from FEMA for helping victims of Hurricane Harvey. It was not clear whether the three churches provided aid to victims.”

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Storm damage can indeed destroy even the most time-tested structures. It is important that water and storm damage restoration work be commenced as soon as possible to minimize further damage.