Restoring Flooded Churches

Churches may be used as temporary shelters during flooding events and disasters, but they are not exempted from flood damage. For instance, those located in low-lying areas, can also be subjected to inundation and flooding, and property damage.

In the United Kingdom, their government has extended assistance to rebuild the flood-damaged structures of churches there. In a 2014 article posted in their official website, they enumerated the churches that received restoration funding through the Church Conservation Trust.

Restoring Flooded Churches
Churches incur flood damage too. (Photo Credits)

“The Churches Conservation Trust, a national charity that protects 344 churches of particular historic importance that are at risk has estimated the amount needed to repair the damage at a total of £100,000. The funding will be going direct to the Trust and with work already began on necessary repairs for the many churches from restoring damaged pews and fixing windows to repairing roofs and pump out flood water.”

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Closed for Flood Damage Repair

The Church of the Latter Day Saints meanwhile shared their experience in rebuilding their storm-damaged temple in Texas, which was affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“The First Presidency has announced a short-term closure of the Houston Texas Temple. The temple has not been in use since Hurricane Harvey dropped a record rainfall of 52 inches in Houston in late August. (See related story.) The ensuing rains breached the temple beginning August 26 and flooded the temple annex building, the temple basement, and the main floor, with water rising to more than a foot. The second floor was not flooded or damaged.”

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Restored Damage

The website Ecclesiastical has featured a church that has been restored and rebuilt following a massive flooding incident in 2015. The winter storm that hit the community, has caused a huge damage to the church and its surrounding structures.

“The winter storms of 2015 caused devastation across the north of the country, including over 30 churches. One such church was St Michael’s, Mytholmroyd, a Grade II listed church that was flooded during the storms. Our experts worked with the church to protect and restore it to its former glory. The age and structure of the church made the initial stages of drying and decontamination particularly complex, so our experts worked closely with the church during this phase. The whole restoration took almost two years and included restoring the church, church hall and outbuilding, as well as the church organ, which was damaged by the floodwater.”

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Churches are not exempted from storm and flood damage. Immediate restoration is critical to ensure the preservation of the whole structure.