Churches as Temporary Homes During Massive Flooding and Disasters

They are built to last, and they are huge enough to accommodate a lot of people. Churches have become a default emergency shelter for disaster victims in the communities that they are in. In the past major disasters like flooding, and storms, churches have become a safe place for families to spend the night until they can safely go back their own homes.

Churches as Temporary Homes During Massive Flooding and Disasters
Disaster victims usually seek shelter in churches near them. (Photo Credits)

The Pacific Standard for instance published an article centering on how churches have become a big help during disasters like hurricane.

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, churches and temples across Louisiana provided shelter for evacuees for months, according to the report, along with complicated technical services, dialysis treatments, and relief workers. The CRCC found that some 506,000 volunteers from faith-based organizations showed up from across the United States to rebuild or repair destroyed homes. Faith-based organizations are effective for one fundamental reason: They are familiar with, and care about, their communities, in some cases more than federal or out-of-state relief organizations.”

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Churches and Flood Disaster Relief

The Church of the Latter Day Saints meanwhile documented the response their churches around the world have made during times of disasters like flood damage. In their article they recalled various disasters around the world and how they assisted during the disaster response phase.

“In northern and southern California, USA, when massive wildfires destroyed thousands of homes, Church buildings were used as temporary community centers, and leaders worked with local governments to assist in providing shelter and food. Member families also offered relief to neighbors by delivering meals and offering shelter.”

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Temporary Shelter and More

The website Christianity Today meanwhile recounted how churches have helped the community affected by Hurricane Harvey. Harvey is a Category 4 Storm that hit Houston in 2017 and cost about US$125 Billion in damage.

“Houston Christians did more than pray from the dry refuge of their homes or evacuation spots. Clergymen were featured in a couple viral news reports from Sunday: a preacher who checked submerged cars for trapped drivers, and a priest who tried to paddle his way to Mass at Houston’s Catholic Charismatic Center. Several churches located on higher ground served as temporary shelters or meeting points for evacuees. Members with clear routes shuttled friends or dropped off supplies.”

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Churches have become default temporary shelters during floodings and other major disasters. It has helped a lot of communities, and continue to be of help.