Church Wedding Venues in San Diego

Church weddings may be elaborate or quaint, but one thing is for sure, most church weddings come up to be solemn. In San Diego, solemn and memorable church weddings can be a reality. With the many beautiful churches in the area, such monumental event can definitely take place as lovingly envisioned by the couple.

Church Wedding Venues in San Diego
Churches in San Diego are perfect venues for Church Marriages. (Photo Credits)

St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral is one of the popular choices for church wedding venues in San Diego. The elegant and historic architecture, stained glass windows, and neighboring Balboa Park makes for a great venue to exchange ‘I Dos.’ More wedding venue descriptions can be found in their official homepage.

“The Cathedral can comfortably hold up to 400 guests, and the Lady Chapel (50 people) can be used for more intimate celebrations. Our historic Great Organ is available to create a majestic sound for your wedding procession in either venue. Weddings at St. Paul’s may be scheduled for most days of the year, except for major holy days (e.g. Christmas, Easter), and during the season of Lent.  Under certain circumstances a wedding may take place in the context of the principal service on Sunday morning.”

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Catholic Church Wedding

St. Michael’s Catholic Church is also one popular venue for a Catholic Church wedding in San Diego. This church is located along Homedale St., in Poway. Their requirements for holding a wedding in their church is posted in their official website.

“The Diocese of San Diego requires a 9-month preparation time, in which couples attend marriage preparation classes. As with anything that is official and legal, there is paperwork to fill out and present. At an initial interview, all of this will be explained to you. There is a cost to having a church wedding but it need not be equal to the national debt. If you are having a wedding with a bridal party and want to have a reception at a local hotel or restaurant, you must reserve the church before making any commitments to anyone.”

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Chapel Weddings

The St. Francis Chapel over at Balboa Park is yet another popular church wedding destination in San Diego. This Spanish Colonial designed church is located in Balboa Park. According to its official website, this church can be used by any couple regardless of the religion or faith they belong to.

“The interior decoration was chosen by Goodhue and Carlton M. Winslow and features stark mission simplicity with its tile floor, ceiling of heavy beams, and bench seating. By contrast, the Chapel also boasts an elaborately decorated altar which includes gold leaf and meticulously crafted figures of the Virgin and Child in the center, flanked on the left by Saint Francis Xavier and on the right by San Diego de Alcalá. This dignified sanctuary is non-denominational and hosts services of all faiths, making it one of San Diego’s favorite choices for wedding and commitment ceremonies.”

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Church weddings are definitely a dream come true in San Diego.