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14th March 2012

Visit to HMP Bure, Norfolk
Thank you to Aileen Fox, Free Church Chaplain at HMP The Bure for her invitation to visit their Chaplaincy. It was great to meet up with Anne Hedges, co-ordinating Chaplain, and the Governing Governor, Sue Doolan to talk openly about the challenges and opportunities facing Chaplaincy. The Chaplaincy at Bure was a refreshingly cheerful place, the relationships amongst the team being clearly supportive. Thank you to Nacer, the Muslim Chaplain, for sharing his lunch with me; an act of generosity that seemed entirely natural within the context of the Bure’s Chaplaincy. The programme offered by the Multi-Faith team was full and varied, utilising both the core day and association periods. The co-operation required with the prison regime, and amongst varied faith practitioners which enables this to happen presents a model that we could all learn from. In my short visit it seemed to me that The Bure has a well staffed (although they are desperately short of volunteers), effective and valued Chaplaincy that serves the establishment well.   A good example of Multi-Faith working that is both distinctive and effective. (Author: Bob Wilson)

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Happy New Year 2014
he beginning of the New Year is the traditional time when we evaluate our past and set new goals for the coming year. This week I meet with my Steering Group to explore priorities and work plans for 2014. In doing this it is good to reflect upon God's ... (Author: Bob Wilson)

Change is here to stay
“The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who can’t read or write, but those who are unable to learn, unlearn and re-learn” Alvin Tofler (Author: Bob Wilson)

Introducing Desistance
Desistance is a word many of us in Prison Chaplaincy are becoming familiar with. We will have heard of it at various conferences / training events, or read about it in Chaplaincy HQ newsletters. But what is desistance … (Author: Bob Wilson)

Playing to the Gallery
Ministers are pretty conscientious people ... (Author: Bob Wilson)

Putting the past in its rightful place
kijhb (Author: Bob Wilson)

When I interview candidates to be Chapel Orderlies I always emphasise that the key characteristic I’m looking for in an orderly is that they are welcoming. ... (Author: Bob Wilson)

Good Fruit
“… every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. ... (Author: Bob Wilson)

Are we Centred?
How do we stay centred as we seek to work in the demanding environment of prison is a constant question? (Author: Bob Wilson)

Churches respond to Radicalisation of young black men
Guest Blog by Bishop Joe Aldred reporting on meeting hosted by CTE to seek a response to radicalisation of young black men in the UK. (Author: Bob Wilson)

Arise and Shine!!!
Arise, shine; for your light has come, And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. (Isaiah 60:1) (Author: Bob Wilson)

Please don't say you love me ... ?
I’ve been listening to a song recently by Gabrielle Aplin. The song is about a girl in love with a boy (no surprises so far), but she feels that she might not be able to respond to his affections well enough and so doesn’t want to utter those words ... (Author: Bob Wilson)

Psalm 146, Praise The Lord, Oh My Soul
Psalm 146, what a great and soaring declaration of praise for the God of Justice. it strikes me that it should almost be a Prison Chaplain's theme tune! He sets prisoners free, amen .... he upholds (Author: Bob Wilson)

Visit to HMP Thameside, East London
Thank you to the Director and Chaplaincy Co-ordinator for their welcome to HMP Thameside today. I had originally been in discussions, along with the Anglican, Catholic and Muslim Faith Advisors, with the management of the prison last year prior to (Author: Bob Wilson)

London Faith Leaders Respond to Woolwich killing
A response by Faith Communities to the London attack (Author: Bob Wilson)

The Glory of Ascension  
We Chaplains in the Free Church are often not very good when it comes to celebrating the Christian year. The ascension of Jesus, celebrated today being a point in case. In fact I am sure that if it weren’t for my Anglican and Roman Catholic ... (Author: Bob Wilson)

A second chance for us who make mistakes
Isn’t it wonderful that we have a God who understands that we get things wrong! Working as Prison Chaplains, we do find ourselves from time to time having to apologise for mistakes to Prisoners, Governors and other colleagues ... (Author: Bob Wilson)

God's words, our words, or both?
In Jeremiah 1, the prophet hears the call of God (v.6) and shares his sense of inadequacy. God has called Jeremiah to speak God’s word, yet Jeremiah says, “I am only a child, I don’t know how to speak”. As Chaplains, we each ... (Author: Bob Wilson)

HMP Chemsford
Friendly, professional and efficient. In trying to sum up my visit to HMP Chelmsford today I can think of no more accurate words than these. ... (Author: Bob Wilson)

HMP Hollesley Bay and Warren Hill
It was good to spend a day with Faizan, Margaret, Richard and Stephen, experiencing their hospitality today as I visited HMP Hollesley Bay and YOI Warren Hill. In common with all of us ... (Author: Bob Wilson)

Snowy day for Chaplains
Guest Blog by Jon Green of the Methodist Chaplaincy Development Project (Author: Bob Wilson)

Happy Christmas 2012
Naturally this week I have been thinking about the Christmas story as we prepare to celebrate with family and friends over the Christmas season. I was at my 5 year old niece's nativity play the other day... (Author: Bob Wilson)

Giving thanks this Prisons Week
Thursday 22nd November 2012 is celebrated in the USA as “Thanksgiving”. During the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln declared a national day of “Thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens”. ... (Author: Bob Wilson)

What we say and what we do
“Those who live by the sword will die by the sword”…..is a statement by our Lord Jesus which may seem to have little relevance to peace-loving Free Church Chaplains! In the last couple of weeks we have (Author: Bob Wilson)

Authentic Faith
Chaplaincy is nothing if not an active form of ministry. In my last reflection I encourgaed us to consider the benefits of sitting still, and waiting for God to speak. The flip side of this is of course found in James 2; (Author: Bob Wilson)

Waiting for God ... Oh
Here is offered the secret of faith. We are to wait upon God! Personally I'm not always good at waiting. I spend too mauch time waiting for ... trains, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, security clearance checks to get done! Yet the Psalmists often (Author: Bob Wilson)

Olympic Fever
With our attention turned towards the Olympics this week I'm sure that many of our scripture reflection will find us being challenged to “run the race that is marked out for us.” (Hebrews), or "press on to win the prize". Over the next few weeks (Author: Bob Wilson)

HMP Full Sutton
Visit to HMP Full Sutton where we discussed FC provision, and the desire to develop this (Author: Bob Wilson)

HMYOI Wetherby
Visit to HMYOI Wetherby. Remand and training prison for boys aged 15-18. (Author: Bob Wilson)

HMP Stocken
Visit to HMP Stocken. (Author: Bob Wilson)

HMP Woodhill
Evening visit to HMP Woodhill, Milton Keynes (Author: Bob Wilson)

HMP Isle of Wight
Visit to HMP Isle of Wight. Invited by Eric Maple, Free Church Chaplain (Author: Bob Wilson)

Eastern FC Chaplains Support Day
Prayer, reflection and support day for FC Chaplains in the Eastern Region (Author: Bob Wilson)

Regional Chaplaincy Training
Knowing, Understanding and Supporting. Regional Chaplaincy Training Event. Newbold Revel. (Author: Bob Wilson)

HMP Blantyre House
Visit to HMP Blantyre House Resdettlement Prison (Author: Bob Wilson)

URC Chaplaincy Day
URC Chaplains Day. 24th Feb 2012. The first Chaplaincy day for URC Chaplains from many sectors of ministry (Author: Bob Wilson)

Blogs and Tweets
Visits to Prisons, Conferences, Training (Author: Bob Wilson)

Salvation Army Chaplains Training
Salvation Army Chaplains Training Event, Swanwick (Hayes Conference Centre), 1st-2nd Feb 2012 (Author: Bob Wilson)

HMP Peterborough
Visit to HMP Peterborough, 23rd January 2012 (Author: Bob Wilson)

HMP Shrewsbury
Visit to HMP Shrewsbury, 18th Jan 2012 (Author: Bob Wilson)

HMP Verne
Visit to HMP The Verne, 6th Jan 2012 (Author: Bob Wilson)

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