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(Note: this section of the website is under construction. Here are key headlines. Radical changes in funding provision means that all references made here need cross checking)


Finding initial help and advice.


Other church leaders


A good number of church leaders have experience of getting involved in the planning process. If you would like to compare notes, it may be that we can put you in touch with somone we know in your area or denomination.



The Government Communities and Local Government departmentlogo for communities and local


The Govenerment's own website for planning and the environment, including the provision of new housing, can be seen here.


The Governments own website for housing can be seen here.



The Governments Planning Portal logo for planning portal

The Planning Portal is the Governments online resource for everything to do with the planning process. The updated Planning Portal website 'home' page can be adapted to suit various people, including individuals who want to put an extension onthe house, professional planners who want access to a database of information etc. All developers need to put in planning applications for new housing areas. The Planning Portal can direct you to your own local authority planning department and applications that are currently for public view. To see the relevant Planning Portal page click here.

The Planning Portal website has a useful guide to the planning system. Although chiefly aimed at individual home owners who want to subit an application, it gives a useful overview. See here.

The Planning Portal website has glossary of terms web page. See here. 


The Planning Portal website points you to where you can get involved in the planning process, both general in the Local Development Frameworks, and in the local developments being planned in your areas. See here.

Information through the Planning Portal about current Government reform of the planning seystem can be seen here.


Planning Aidlogo for planning aid

A key resource has been Planning Aid. This is a network of professional p[lanners who have been availble for community groups, like churches, to understand and get involved in the process. With finacial cut backs, Planning Aid, are not assured of a future beyond March 2011. However Planning Aid also state on their web site that they are in discussion about possibilities for the future beyond March 2011.


For statement about Planning Aid future click here.


For statement about discussion re possible Planning Aid future click here.



Planning Aid resource documents

These documents from Planning Aid were available from the Planning Aid website in January 2011. These pdf papers are going to be out of date with all the changes to the Regions and various other agencies and procedures undergoing change. They are placed here for reference and need checking to see if procedures and websites they refer to are still in place.


A Handy Guide to the planning process.


Statement of Community involvement


Glossary of planning terms




Jim Currin, 01/02/2011